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Board Certified Specialist of the East Bay

Pelvic Rehabilitation and Women's Health Physical Therapy

Offices in Oakland and Lafayette

I have the sensitivity and experience to help you regain control, live pain free and enjoy the activities you love!  

Pelvic pain

Thousands of women suffer from pelvic pain yet go untreated.  Many are uncomfortable sharing, or feel that there is nothing that can or will make it better.  Daphna Ross has the expertise to treat pelvic pain








"Daphna is simply the best- she helped me so much. She spends so much time listening and assessing, and really thoughtfully supports me.  She is an incredible resource and has made a huge difference in my life.  I couldn't recommend her more!"

-Jenna L

"It was a joy to work with Daphna.  She is so positive and supportive.  She listens.  She takes careful notes and observations.  She quickly creates a plan of action.  She has so much information and suggestions for changing your lifestyle to fix your body's issues.  I would highly recommend her to anyone having any pelvic issues.  She can sort them out right away in the most pleasant and comforting way. "

- Sarah K

"Daphna's techniques worked better than anything else I’ve done. She also is extremely knowledgeable: it was clear to me that if I’d had a different situation she’d have known how to tailor her work to that and treat me just as well. And then she is a very caring professional in general and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have her treat me."  - Melissa L

"After giving birth, I had a perineal repair for a third degree tear.  I was suffering from incontinence, pain, and soft tissue dysfunction.  Daphna was extremely professional and helped me get back to 100% within a very short time.  I felt vulnerable due to my injuries and the private nature of them.  Daphna is clinically excellent and emotionally warm, which helped me to feel comfortable working with her at the very first visit."  -Stephanie D

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"Daphna, working with you gave me HOPE.  If you think about it, hope is the prijmary thing that leads to the pursuit of health.  Thank you" -  CR

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