Pelvic Physical Therapy for

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Many women experience urinary leakage and/or pelvic pain at different times during their pregnancy.  As the fetus grows and ligaments become lax, women can experience pain with walking, bending, sitting, negotiating stairs, and lying down to go to sleep.  They may also experience urinary urgency, frequency and leakage.

Post-partum (after giving birth), women may experience similar issues.  They may have pain with intercourse, C-section and episiotomy site pain, diastasis recti (abdominal wall separation), and/or weakness of the core muscles.

Daphna can help you through the pregnancy and post-partum period.  She can help you prepare your muscles for the birth process which will help decrease tearing and help with the healing process afterward.  She can also help you regain the strength and control needed post-partum.  Leakage and pain should resolve in the months following birth.  If you are experiencing these issues, you can get help and restore your body to functioning pain and leakage free.

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