Patient Testimonials

"Daphna gave my life back to me - she's the best!" -Judy T


"I feel very grateful for working with Daphna on my way to recovery and to a happy new me" -Anonymous

"I am so grateful I found you - your help has definitely improved my day to day life" -JG

"Daphna was so helpful!  She made me feel relaxed and ready for treatment.  The treatment itself was very effective and in just three sessions I felt confident that my symptoms will subside." -EK

" I was Daphna’s patient for a few months this spring, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have a fifteen year history of chronic pelvic/vaginal pain. I have known for most of that that it was a muscular issue and had been to PT a couple times which helped me a lot, but it had been almost a decade since I’d had treatment and I was having a flare of pain that seemed like a yeast infection nearly monthly when I started seeing Daphna. I was hoping she could help me dial in my self care better (I was a professional massage therapist for years so I knew how to treat myself, to a point). After a few months, the truth is that I am cured. As with any long term chronic pain, it flares up at times and I expect it will continue to. But since a couple months into seeing Daphna, I can use the techniques she taught me and take myself ALL THE WAY out of a flare. I don’t treat it as an infection and I don’t use medication. I just know I can do it, and it’s a completely different outlook on life. I don’t get anxious about it anymore, I can just live my life. "  -Melissa

I was referred to Daphna by my Urogynecologist, Dr Anna Frick. I have overactive bladder and
Interstitial Cystitis and have had for many years. All previous doctors had given up on me, but with the team of Daphna and Dr. Frick over the last 2 years, I have improved immensely! Daphna has a way of making you feel that with a bit of hard work and the procedures we worked on things would change and they HAVE! I am enjoying life so much more now and Daphna helped me get there. She is the BEST!! - Nanci G

"I saw Ms Ross for help strengthening my pelvic muscles with Kegel exercise. She was very patient to teach me how to do these effectively. Before I saw Ms Ross I used five or six pad daily. After I saw her and followed her instructions. I don't have to use those pads anymore. I am so grateful for her kindness and expertise. I will recommend her to my friend" - Simon T

"Daphna is totally knowledgeable about womens health issues. She is kind, patient, and understanding, and helped me through the issues I was having. I thought I would need surgery, but Daphna guided me to a non-surgical solution. I thoroughly recommend working with Daphna!" - anonymous

"I saw Daphna Ross for help strengthening my pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises. She taught me how to do these effectively. She also gave me information on nutrition that helped me end a long standing digestive problem. Additionally, following her instructions I now have to get up only once in the middle of the night. It's a blessing to have just one interruption to my sleep. I'm so grateful for her kindness, support and expertise!" -Miriam G

"I had been experiencing years of urinary incontinence and just became complacent that it was an after effect of giving birth and aging. I decided that this was my year to tend to myself and address this. I was referred to Daphna and couldn’t be happier that I made that call and followed through. She was empathetic, knowledgeable, and made me feel so comfortable. Her tools, techniques, and expertise were revolutionary for me in my life! I know like me so many women out there are dealing with this, but it doesn’t have to be so."  - B. Parker

"If you have long term incontinence, Daphna is the one to see.  She has a sweet demeanor with the confidence to keep you on track.  She wants you to get better and gives you the tools to do so.
Thanks Daphna!" - Hendrika B

"Daphna's techniques worked better than anything else I’ve done. She also is extremely knowledgeable: it was clear to me that if I’d had a different situation she’d have known how to tailor her work to that and treat me just as well. And then she is a very caring professional in general and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have her treat me."  - Melissa L

"Daphna is simply the best - she helped me so much. She spends so much time listening and assessing, and really thoughtfully supports me. She is an incredible resource and has made a huge difference in my life. I couldn't recommend her more!" - Jenna L

I saw Daphna for vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction based on my Doctor's referral.
I am so thankful that services like this exist, because I have been seeking treatment for these issues for quite sometime now! Daphna was extremely helpful and caring in helping me find relief from discomfort. I made lots of progress while working with Daphna and although I am not 100% "cured" yet, I know that I am on my way due to the strategies and tools I learned from Daphna.

"I was referred to Mrs. Ross by my gynecologist.
I was experiencing some uncomfortable issues after the birth of my second child.
I admit I was skeptical at first. But within a week of following the exercises, my bathroom struggles were 100% gone! It's unbelievable how effective her suggestions were. She is very knowledgable and gives a thorough explanation of the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor. If I had known taking care of my issue could happen that fast, I would have signed up sooner! I was very impressed with the whole process. Toileting is something we have all done our whole lives, so we think we can't learn anything new. But I'm 40 and I did" - Karla C.

"Being almost 70, I thought one more thing to add to getting older and not being able to do anything to help the situation. My gynecologist recommended Daphna and I called and made an appointment as soon as I got home. I was anxious but Daphna is so gentle, understanding and clear with her instructions I felt like this might work.
Daphna gave me exercises to do at home and within a few days feeling more in control of my bladder. I had threeappointments with Daphna and I am good to go. Daphna is a patient teacher and I learned information about my body that was completely new and doable. I feel like seeing Daphna changed my life and I am more confident about not having to worry about leaving my home." - Christine S

"Daphna is a magician!" - anonymous

Notes from clients to Daphna:

Dear Daphna:

"Thank you for your kindness and gentle approach to healing sensitive women's health issues"

"I appreciate all the tools and help that you have been giving me.  The quality of my life has improved as a result of this!  Thank you so much"

"Thank you for your expertise and caring ways over the last few months. You have really helped me get stronger and have a better understanding of how to manage my condition...I feel like I"m starting to get my life back. Thank you!"

"I just want to thank you so much for your work with me.  Thanks to you I'm much better"

"Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me during a difficult time.  I feel very fortunate to be working with such a special and talented physical therapist"

"Thank you so much for helping me rehabilitate my rectocele condition.  I"m so grateful!"